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Up Comfort Specialist Services

[Under Construction]

See Points to Consider When Purchasing a Gas Furnace and Two-Stage Heating Produces Four-Star Comfort.

Super Efficiency with XV 90 (Variable Speed) (TUY, TDY)
High Efficiency with XL 90 (Two-Stage) (TUX-R, TDX-R)
High Efficiency with XE 90 (Single Speed) (TUC, TDC, TUX, TDX)
High Efficiency with XV 80 (Variable Speed)(TUD, TDD-V)
High Efficiency with XL 80 (Two-Stage) (TUD,TDD-R)
Good Efficiency with XE 80 (Single-Stage) (TUD, TDD-C)


Key Benefits

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Last modified: March 29, 2015