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bulletWhy do you need a Trane Extended Warranty?
bulletWhat type of Extended Warranties are available?
bulletWhat does the Trane Extended Warranty exclude?

What Does The Trane Extended Warranty Exclude?line graphic

  • Any routine maintenance. However, if during the performance of routine maintenance, a component is found to be faulty, and in the reasonable judgment of the Servicer, the component is expected to fail and should be replaced, the component could be covered as well as the labor to replace the component depending on the agreement coverage. In no case will travel time be covered.

    bulletAir filters, drain lines, condensate pumps, refrigerant lines, ducts, electrical wiring external of the equipment, or any other equipment not listed as a covered item on the Extended Warranty Agreement.

    bulletRepairs to correct failures or malfunctions that are not considered manufacturing defects, such as damage or malfunctions resulting from fire, water, storms, earthquake, faulty power supply, theft, riot, misuse, abuse, or the improper selection, installation, or application of the equipment.

    [Trane recommends that routine maintenance be performed as recommended in the owner's manual to insure proper performance of the equipment. Failure to do so will result in improper performance, excessive electrical costs, and excessive component failure.]

    bulletAny failure or malfunction caused by the failure of the Equipment Owner to perform preventative maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.

    bulletRepairs to alter the equipment to meet changes in Federal, state, or local codes or regulations.

    bulletPremium labor charges charged by the servicer for repairs which are required during other than normal working hours.

    bulletAny freight on parts.

    bulletWelding supplies, shop rags, screws, bolts and nuts, or other miscellaneous items that could be considered "expendable items".

    bulletAny work performed by any servicer not approved by Trane's Extended Warranty Department.

    bulletFailures or malfunctions on equipment installed in establishments with corrosive atmospheres such as dry cleaners, beauty shops, printing facilities, etc.

    bulletFailures or malfunctions on compressor bearing equipment in which the age of the equipment exceeds ten (10) years of age.

    bulletAppearance: Features, aesthetics, paint and cabinet parts, knobs, and buttons, including, but not limited to, rust and corrosion.

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    Call Your Authorized Trane Servicer

    If You Own A Trane Extended Warranty And You Have A Failure - What Do You Do?

    Call Your Independent Trane Servicer.

    He Will Take Care Of You Into The 21st Century !

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    Last modified: March 29, 2015