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Your comfort is at the center of everything we do. It's that refreshing coolness when you walk in on that hot and humid day. It's the reassuring warmth on the coldest winter night. It's Trane air conditioning and heating: designed, tested and manufactured to last.

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When James Trane opened his own plumbing store in La Crosse, Wisconsin, in 1885, he insisted on quality workmanship and customer service from himself and the people who worked for him. Things have not changed much in that regard. However, the technology of heating and air conditioning has definitely changed.

Developing and applying leading edge technology is the hallmark of The Trane Company. It began with the 1913 invention of a revolutionary type of low-pressure steam heating called Trane Vapor Heating. Trane has since established a long and rich heritage of leading edge innovation.

New technology does not occur without a strong commitment to research and development. We back our dedication to technology leadership with a substantial investment in people, facilities and ongoing product development.

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What started out as a family business more than a century ago has grown into a worldwide, world-class company. It's our people who make the difference. The people of Trane display pride in workmanship and a desire to manufacture, apply and support products that are unmatched in technology, quality, efficiency, reliability and durability. Trane upholds a proud heritage of excellence unequaled in the industry. The men and women of Trane: Our pride shows in our faces. The faces of people who make where you live, work and play the most comfortable that it can be.

We don't just work at Trane though: You see us on school boards, at charity functions, teaching adults to read, at the regional food bank, as well as many other community organizations and service groups such as Junior Achievement and United Way, making our world a better place for others.

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Producing air conditioning and heating systems that deliver years of dependable comfort means paying attention to even the smallest details. That is why we do the little things such as preventive testing of our components through each stage of manufacturing. And by giving each Trane unit a run before it leaves the production line we know it works. That's important because we believe our units should be tested at the factory, not on our customers.

Trane's System Extreme Environment Test (SEET) facility is a laboratory torture chamber designed to simulate most every extreme climate condition your air conditioner or heat pump can ever face. Of course, it's cruel and unusual punishment. We cram five years of wear and tear in sixteen grueling weeks.

Whether the product is an air conditioner, a heat pump or a gas furnace, when it carries the Trane name, it is the best we know how to build.

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Trane is not just an assembler of pieces into products. We manufacture the most important parts of our systems ourselves so we control the quality. A perfect example is the Climatuff® compressor. The Climatuff® compressor was designed for the more crucial heat pump applications and worked so reliably it is used in all our residential and light commercial heat pump and air conditioning systems. Developed in the 1960s, this unique reciprocal compressor made the heat pump a viable, energy efficient technology.

Spine Fin™ coils deliver rapid heat dissipation through radially finned aluminum fins wrapped around grooved aluminum tubing. These coils have held up well in coastal areas and where they are subjected to a harsh marine environment of blowing sand and salt spray. Other manufacturers have tried to copy the design and have failed.

Trane has also been a leader in variable speed systems and in using microprocessors to replace electromechanical switches in many of our products.

In addition to advances in hardware, Trane is continually addressing crucial environmental concerns. Protecting the environment is a major factor in our drive to offer reliable comfort without causing harm to the world in which we live.

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Besides the obvious things you can see in our products, there are other things you don't see which also make us a leader of not only our own industry but also other companies. Trane was among the first U.S. companies to implement such world-class manufacturing techniques as Just-in-time, Demand Flow Replenishment, Process Teams and many other productivity enhancing techniques.

Why Trane? We have the experience, the quality, the technology and the people to assure all of our customers get a durable and efficient comfort system to meet the requirements of their home. After all, there is no place more important.

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Last modified: March 29, 2015